Our Founder


        While Maeva is highly complex underneath the surface, she can be described and understood through her passions associated with four essential elements of black empowerment. In addition to being a mother of two gorgeous daughters, she also home schools, which is immensely important during a time when African American students are not being adequately educated in the public school system. Maeva has committed to the process of holistically educating her children, allowing them to learn at their own pace, using their individual learning styles to facilitate optimal growth. She believes that it better prepares her daughters to function and compete in a world that is inherently hostile to them, and that it helps to develop unshakable confidence in them. Maeva is also an entrepreneur, having launched Black World Books where those looking to learn more about their black heritage can explore the reality of the black existence — historically and contextually. She understands the importance of the knowledge of self, and she takes great pride in assisting others in their journey to self-discovery.


         One of the things that Maeva is most excited about is her involvement in the struggle for African Americans, and all blacks who are a part of the African diaspora, to achieve autonomy through economic empowerment. Her activism is evident in her participation and support of multitudinous projects and events in her community and beyond. She is truly committed to being a part of the solution.

Another area that Maeva has developed an immense passion for is that of holistic health. One area in which African Americans struggle is in the area of general health, with a significant portion of the African American population suffering with diseases, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease and obesity — not to mention depression and bi-polar disorder. Maeva has committed to addressing the need for a focus on holistic health in the black community, as she understands the importance of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Maeva’s own journey and growth has helped to develop a paradigm that provides the context through which she engages and serves the black community. Black World Books is the first of many endeavors in which she will work to elevate the minds and thought processes of the black collective. She is definitely an asset to the struggle. - Dr.Rick Wallace